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Classic MTV Goth: Cinderella, Peter Murphy, Pepper, Sweet

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: Classic MTV Goth: Cinderella, Peter Murphy, Pepper, Sweet

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Classic MTV Goth: Cinderella, Peter Murphy, Pepper, Sweet

"CUTS SO DEEP"                  PETER MURPHY

Classic MTV here, Peter Murphy "Cuts So Deep" is a gothic masterpiece.    I remember first hearing his vocals with Bauhaus and "Bela Lugosi's Dead", it was definitely different from the type of music I grew up listening to but I liked the darker feel to the New Wave sound popular at the time.    Electronic 80's music has such a cute retro charm compared to the over-the-top electronica drum machines overpowering today's dance music.    "Cuts You Up" is haunting, yet catchy, and a great memory of the 80's.

"NOBODY'S FOOL"                         CINDERELLA

Hair spray, check.    Hot women in tight dresses, check.    Flashy cars in Miami Vice-like colors, check.   Drummer doing fancy drumstick tricks, guitarist flinging his guitar, lead singer making pouty lips for the camera, check.    The perfect recipe for a cheesy hair band video!    Cinderella is actually an amazing live band.  Saw them open for Poison in 2008 and they did an entire 5 song blues set, sitting on chairs with acoustic guitars, reinventing many of their classic songs.   It was an incredible experience especially coming from a band well past their heyday. 

"B.O.O.T."                                         PEPPER

Often compared to Sublime, Pepper are a surfer rock, ska band that makes great beach music with a heavy reggae influence and a propulsive drum beat.    This raw video of them in the club really captures Pepper's energy.    B.O.O.T. features their famous digs at Metallica's hair cutting drama and a great line about Creed :)

"FOX ON THE RUN"                         SWEET

Sweet was a guilty pleasure of the 70's glam rock era.  "Ballroom Blitz", "Love Is Like Oxygen", "Fox On The Run", "Little Willy" nothing but FUN music to crank up the volume and sing along.   There is no big message here.  I remember hearing these songs on my little transistor radio.  

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