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Dixie Chicks Vs George W Bush: Randy Travis, Buddy Jewell, Dixie Chicks, Celtic Thunder

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: Dixie Chicks Vs George W Bush: Randy Travis, Buddy Jewell, Dixie Chicks, Celtic Thunder

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dixie Chicks Vs George W Bush: Randy Travis, Buddy Jewell, Dixie Chicks, Celtic Thunder


Great concert memory with this song.    Natalie Maines made a comment about George W. Bush in an interview given in London.   She said she was ashamed the President was from Texas.   The power of press was in full effect as backlash against the band came right away including Natalie receiving death threats over her comments.     Guess some ultra-patriots weren't aware of Freedom of Speech.     I saw the Dixie Chicks in Tampa right in the middle of the controversy.    I've been to many heavy metal and hip hop concerts and never did see security on full alert as much as that night for three young ladies singing traditional country music.    Here's the video the won numerous awards.


The winner of the first season of CMT's Nashville Star, Buddy Jewell was a long-time bar band singer who finally got his big break.    This song of down home pride, memories of growing up in the glory of the South, features a memorable hook of "Roll Tide Roll".    What really made that season of Nashville Star was 3rd place finisher, Miranda Lambert, who went to become a major superstar and Female Vocalist of the Year in 2011.

"FAITH IN YOU"                            RANDY TRAVIS 

One of most powerful songs I've ever heard.    The YouTube video has ZERO dislikes and you will see why after hearing the inspirational lyrics, the uplifting and reflective message in a song that deserves to be heard.

The more I search for my significance
Seems the more I disappear.
And I wonder have I made a difference in anybody's life
Since I've been here.
And I can hear your laughter it's the sweetest sound I've ever known.
I don't know how love happens
But I know I'm not alone.
And I do have faith in you.


And after all this time sometimes I see the truth
And I'm touched by your innocence and
Now I'm not confused.
You give my your love the one thing I can't lose.
You believe in me
And I still have faith in...
I do have faith in you.



Some songs are played to death on the radio, MTV, commercials,....they may be great songs but at some point, you can't stand them anymore.   So I always enjoy a great cover that  alters the melody or changes it to an acoustic version, sets a different mood, or just a total creative reinvention.   This Bryan Adams cover by Celtic Thunder is an interesting twist.   I read up on them, they're kind of like an Irish Menudo, a boy band with interchangeable parts (although some of them look like they're in their late 30's).   This remake is beautiful with sweet harmony and some Irish charm.

Video For Everything I Do   

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