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No Ordinary Love : Sade, Stephen Marley, Diana Ross, Rick James

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: No Ordinary Love : Sade, Stephen Marley, Diana Ross, Rick James

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Ordinary Love : Sade, Stephen Marley, Diana Ross, Rick James

"NO ORDINARY LOVE"                  SADE

If I made of a list of the 10 sexiest songs ever, "No Ordinary Love" would be on the list.    I remember it being used in the sex scene with Demi Moore/Robert Redford in the film Indecent Proposal.   The lyrics are actually sad.   She sings of giving all she can to her lover.  She keeps trying but sometimes even if you give all your love, it still won't work.  Regardless of the tone of the lyrics, the dreamy soft beats, Sade's breathy delivery, and the passionate emotions emoted here really drives the song's sex appeal.   Plus it doesn't hurt that Sade is so exotic, unique, and strikingly beautiful.

"HEY BABY"   (Ft Mos Def)                  STEPHEN MARLEY

Bob Marley is not only the greatest reggae singer/writer of all-time, he is the father of an incredibly talented family.   Stephen, Ziggy, Julien, and Damien have all had very successful music careers.   Rohan Marley played outside linebacker for my Miami Hurricanes and he's the husband of Lauryn Hill.    "Hey Baby" has a chill-out beach vibe with a little hip hop beat making it perfect for a Florida sunset.   The lyrics perfectly describe a long distance relationship and how "even though the road is rocky, I'll be coming to home again".


A quiet storm classic from the 80's by two of Motown's biggest stars.   The smooth velvety voice of Smokey Robinson mixed with the raw and funky style of Rick James.    This video is one of the Thriller-inspired mini movies that dominated the 80's.   My good friend, Mel, told me of a guy who wanted to impress her, so he made her a mixtape of nothing but this song over and over.   That's either a bold statement or the creepiest move ever :)    In the video, check out how "convenient" the box of tuxedos wash up on shore.

"LOVE HANGOVER"                        DIANA ROSS  

One of my favorite disco songs of the 70's!    Diana Ross oozes sex appeal here.   From her seductive opening line, "If there's a cure for this I don't want it" :)     Halfway through the song, the disco beat takes over and Diana really gets into the groove.  It's one of my favorite Diana Ross songs.   I was surprised to hear she's still touring as I just noticed she's coming to St Petersburg in February.    I would have guessed she was doing a Vegas show.

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