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She's Got Legs and Knows How To Use Them: Brantley Gilbert, ZZ Top, Alan Jackson, James Otto

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: She's Got Legs and Knows How To Use Them: Brantley Gilbert, ZZ Top, Alan Jackson, James Otto

Saturday, January 14, 2012

She's Got Legs and Knows How To Use Them: Brantley Gilbert, ZZ Top, Alan Jackson, James Otto

"REMEMBER WHEN"                    ALAN JACKSON

This one is a tear-jerker.    Alan Jackson continues to carry on the old-school country style and his songwriting is so personal and open.   This song and especially the video feels like we're peeking into his diary.   His slow dance with his wife, their engagement, pictures of his kids growing up through the years, it's a beautiful song in so many ways.    All of reminscing though makes me feel older as time gets passing by, hopefully my future continues to create vivid memories like Alan.


Brantley is best known for his songwriting including writing the recent #1 hit, Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean.     Brantley hit it big this fall with this outlaw country rocker.   If you're a rocker, you've got to love the big guitars and attitude here.   If you're a country traditionalist, you have to admire his commitment to the legends but bringing it full circle to modern times.   Great lyrics about how the rebel C&W attitude has spread to even the big cities like NYC and LA.

I was gasin' up the other day
An old boy pulled up with a license plate
From Ohio; thought "Oh, good Lord, he's lost"

From his Wranglers to his boots
He reminded me of Chris LeDoux
And that Copenhagen smile
Yeah, country must be country wide

In every state, there's a station
Playin' Cash, Hank, Willie, and Waylon
In foreign cars and four-wheel drives
There's cowboys and hillbillies
From farm towns to big cities
There ain't no doubt in my mind
Country must be country wide


"Feels like summertime to me", definitely a true statement living in Florida where I spent another Christmas on the beach in 80 degree weather.   James Otto is part of the MuzicMafia posse with Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson.    He has a soulful rich voice, records consistently catchy songs but hasn't exploded onto the charts yet.   He's currently shopping for a new record label.    This song has such a laid-back tropical feel, perfect song for chillin' with a cold one relaxing in the sun.

"TUSH"                   ZZ TOP

Long legs, high heels, short skirts, hmmmm, wonder why their "Legs" video holds such vivid memories of growing up in the 80's?   You've got to give ZZ Top credit.   They are a Hall Of Fame Southern rock band with serious music talent.   They didn't fit the MTV mold, they aren't pretty boys in makeup, they're older than the hair bands, and they've got crazy long beards.   But their creative videos featuring outrageous cars, pretty girls, and a funny twist in their videos made them huge MTV stars.     Fun fact:  the only ZZ Top member who doesn't have a beard, drummer Frank Beard!

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