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#1 Song Of 2008 : Airborne Toxic Event, Gotthard, Jon Secada

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: #1 Song Of 2008 : Airborne Toxic Event, Gotthard, Jon Secada

Friday, December 30, 2011

#1 Song Of 2008 : Airborne Toxic Event, Gotthard, Jon Secada


A very U2-like feel to this emotional song which ITunes named their #1 Alternative Song of the Year in 2008.   Adam Clayton of U2, said it was his favorite record of the year and the band played it before coming on stage on their U2-360 Tour in 2008.  The song chronicles the lead singer running into his ex at a bar one night and recognizing that he was still in love with her.    Love the theme, the moody intro with the powerful chorus, amazing video too!

"I'M ON MY WAY"                          GOTTHARD

Amazing that the biggest selling rock act of Switzerland is basically unknown in this country.   11 albums and every one of them went to #1 in their country.   Discovering Gotthard last year was like finding a buried treasure.    A classic 80's hair metal sound (Bon Jovi is the closest match) but you can also feel Gotthard's supreme musical talents.     Lead singer, Steve Lee, died in a motorcycle accident last year and they just released a song called "Remember Me".    Highly recommended band to check out!


Jon Secada began his career as a songwriter and as a backup singer for Gloria Estefan.    Like Gloria, he's Cuban and a University of Miami graduate!    He had success with "Just Another Day" and "Angel" in the mid 90's then disappeared with some unremarkable musical choices.   This upbeat romantic song is from 2005 and has beautiful Latin rhythms.

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