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Grammy Winning Garage Rock: Foo Fighters with Bob Mould, David Bowie, and P!nk

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: Grammy Winning Garage Rock: Foo Fighters with Bob Mould, David Bowie, and P!nk

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grammy Winning Garage Rock: Foo Fighters with Bob Mould, David Bowie, and P!nk

"Wasting Light" won the Grammy this year for Best Rock LP.   Dave Grohl wanted a "pure" sound, no studio tricks, just straight forward rock 'n roll.   Their innovative plan, go back to the basics and literally record their CD in Dave Grohl's Encino garage.   Dave not only embodies the rock n' roll spirit but he's also a major rock music FAN.   He grow up loving the alternative punk bands that influenced Nirvana.  Chief among of his biggest inspirations was Minneapolis' Husker Du led by Bob Mould.    The HIGHLY RECOMMENDED documentary film, "Back & Forth" describes the formation of the Foo Fighters and ends with behind the scenes production of "Wasting Light".   Seeing Dave Grohl's excitement getting Bob Mould to appear on their record is priceless!!  I included a scene from the movie and the full song.

Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton did a suspense filled film in 1985 called "The Falcon & The Snowman" about two altar boys who grew up together and as they became adults, their lives took a dangerous curve.  Drug smuggling, espionage, FBI intrigue, and suspicion of selling secrets to the Russians created a thrill ride motion picture.    David Bowie along with jazz guitar virtuoso, Pat Methany, created this soundtrack masterpiece.  The only video I could find was David Bowie's live performance but it's classic Bowie.

From 2003, Pink's "Try This" CD comes this kiss-off track!    If someone's done you wrong, this song must be played at maximum volume.  Upon first hearing "Last To Know", it caught me by surprise, Pink began her career as an R&B princess.  Now she's aggressive and swearing, but it totally fits the mood of the song.  Imagine Britney or Christina recording this :) Pink is original, dynamic, and does things her way, you've got to love her individuality.

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