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New Linkin Park - Burn It Down: R. Kelly, Alabama Shakes

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: New Linkin Park - Burn It Down: R. Kelly, Alabama Shakes

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Linkin Park - Burn It Down: R. Kelly, Alabama Shakes

Linkin Park is coming this summer to an arena near you!   Co-headlining with Incubus, Linkin Park will be playing their concert staples along with new songs from the Living Things CD due out June 26th.   Mike Shinoda describes the new material as "our most personal".   The much anticipated disc will be heavily influenced by their original Hybrid Theory sound of anger, melody, cathartic screaming, and some Shinoda raps.    Can't wait!!  Here's the Official Video:

Old school R&B is alive and well, Robert Kelly's about to release a new CD this spring!!   Warning: listening to "Share My Love" will result in uncontrollable smiling, increased heart rate, and the urge to get up and dance.   This is vintage Marvin Gaye 70's soul with a hint of a disco beat, R. Kelly should retake his throne as the King of R&B if his new CD can live up to this remarkable first single.

Hearing Brittany Henry, the lead singer of the buzzworthy hot new band, Alabama Shakes, conjures up images of Janis Joplin, Aretha, and Otis Redding.    Soulful, powerful, PASSIONATE, they're the next big thing in blues-based rock!    Alabama Shakes debut CD is a multi-genre tour de force experience.   This is REAL MUSIC played without gimmicks, studio help, or the mass production feel that so many of today's big hits utilize.   This was recorded at the famous Muscle Shoals Studio in Alabama where so many of the 60's Stax Label masterpieces were laid to vinyl.  Alabama Shakes tore up the SXSW Festival this year and are ready for a major breakthrough!

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