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Drunk Driving Consequences: Pat Benatar, Simple Plan, Stone Sour

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: Drunk Driving Consequences: Pat Benatar, Simple Plan, Stone Sour

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Drunk Driving Consequences: Pat Benatar, Simple Plan, Stone Sour

"FIRE AND ICE"                          PAT BENATAR

Classic 80's rock classic from NYC's Pat Benatar.    It's hard to picture her in this video and not think about Fast Times At Ridgemont High and all of the girls copying her look.   Pat Benatar was originally trained in opera and had to learn to sing rock music, so talented, such a great vocal range.    Early MTV, it was Pat Benatar and Joan Jett leading the way for female rockers.    I caught her and her husband, guitarist Neil Girardo, recently at St Pete's Ribfest and they have the best chemistry on stage, how inspiring to have such a successful marriage and be able to perform together.

"UNTITLED"                            SIMPLE PLAN

An amazing video that shows the real "impact" of drunk driving.   The video shows a drunk driver crashing into a teenage girl and it graphically shows that there are "more victims than people think, and many lives are changed forever", to quote Simple Plan's description.   Simple Plan is a pop-punk band with a lot of influence on young adults, I hope many get to see this video and appreciate the powerful message.

"HOME AGAIN"                       STONE SOUR

Stone Sour is the side band for Corey Taylor, lead singer of Slipknot.    Both bands are hard rock but Stone Sour doesn't use the gimmick of masks and has more accessible powerful rock riffs.   This is the last song on their 2010 CD Audio Secrecy.     Great lyrics here:

You might have changed but all I can see is how you're the same
Behind that face are beautiful things and terrible ways
Remember - I remember - we were everything and nothing together
But I can't stay... and I can't get away

Can anybody hear me? Can anybody live like this?

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