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London Calling : The Clash, Aretha Franklin, Rob Thomas

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: London Calling : The Clash, Aretha Franklin, Rob Thomas

Sunday, December 18, 2011

London Calling : The Clash, Aretha Franklin, Rob Thomas

"LONDON CALLING"                    THE CLASH

My all-time favorite album cover is London Calling.    This was the third album by the Hall Of Fame English punk band.   What made the Clash so amazing was their ability to incorporate punk, reggae, ska, rock, folk, even funk into their songs.  They were so ahead of their time.    "London Calling" speaks to rising unemployment, Three Mile Island's near disaster in Pennsylvania, and racial disharmony in England.   A few years ago, a Clash Joe Strummer tribute band of Dave Grohl, Bruce Springsteen, and Elvis Costello played this live on the Grammys with Mick Jones!

"SMOOTH" (Unplugged)    ROB THOMAS      

"Smooth" mixed the brilliant guitar work of Carlos Santana with Rob Thomas.     Grammy winning song, #1 hit, voted Top 10 on the list of sexiest songs ever,.......then Rob does an unplugged version with a female singer on the hook and it's amazing with a totally different vibe.   The song is more mesmerizing, sexy as can be, but a chill-out vibe.   Brilliant song either version.


The queen of soul, Aretha, has that soulful voice that can reach into your soul.    Ben E. King of the Drifters was the first to record this song but Aretha took it to #1 in 1970.    It's a great song and the video shows Aretha on the piano singing this R&B classic with gospel passion.   You can see her facial expression and emotions play out, she's mad he'd lied and she's calling him out.    Great singer, great song!

Don't play that song for me
'Cause it brings back memories
Of days that I once knew
The days that I spent with you
Oh no, don't let him play it
It fills my heart with pain
Please stop it right away
I remember just-a what he said

He said darling, "Darling, I love you"
And I know that he lied

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