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Pets That Rock Your World: Police Megamix, Bret Michaels, Saving Ferris, Roger Daltrey

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: Pets That Rock Your World: Police Megamix, Bret Michaels, Saving Ferris, Roger Daltrey

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pets That Rock Your World: Police Megamix, Bret Michaels, Saving Ferris, Roger Daltrey

Five minutes of nostalgia:  Roxanne, If You Love Somebody, Can't Stand Losing You, Don't Stand So Close To Me, Message In A Bottle, De Do Do Do.  I created a little homemade YouTube video picture show of Sting and The Police for a Megamix of their biggest hits.   Some megamixes drag on for twenty minutes which is a little overkill.   I like the brevity of The Police essentials here.    I have a number of megamixes, if you like them let me know, I'll post some more!   Maybe The Cure, Duran Duran, Shakira?

Who can forget the train wreck VH1 show, Win A Date With A Washed Up Hair Band Star!    Actually, I shouldn't hate, it was one of those shows that easily hooked you into watching each week.  I've always enjoyed Poison's live show and rooted for Bret on Donald Trump's show, Celebrity Apprentice.  Bret is currently working with Petsmart on a "Pets That Rock Your World" campaign.  On a solo CD, Bret dedicated a power ballad to his daughter, Raine.   It's a touching love song from a father to his daughter that still rocks.  "I'll be your sun, you be my Raine" :)  If you saw his reality show, you know that Bret has been dealing with diabetes all his life and he was so worried that Raine would inherit the illness.  Sadly while recovering from an appendectomy surgery, he learned Raine does have diabetes, reports said he was an emotional wreck.  Bret appears to be a really caring father, animal lover, and if you can look beyond the 80's bandana and the reality TV image, you want to root for someone with such a big heart.
One of the greatest band names out of the 90's, stealing the battle cry from the Matthew Broderick comedy classic.  There's something so sexy about lead singer, Monique Powell, wish I could have found a high quality video performance of this song to demonstrate her style.  The song starts out as a ballad but a raucous punk breakdown and horns amp up the energy midway.   Save Ferris is an Orange County, CA ska band who are probably best known for their horn-infused, party cover of the 80's pop gem, Come On Eileen.   They only released two late 90's CDs before calling it quits.  Since then, Monique has guest starred on many pop punk records.   Ska bands have historically had one of the shortest lifespan of any music genre.  Can you think of any other band besides No Doubt who have maintained a long consistent career with ska?


His 1985 CD, Under A Raging Moon, was dedicated to drummer, Keith Moon.   The big single was After The Fire, co-written with Pete Townshend.   But my favorite is "The Pride You Hide", one of my all-time favorite songs.   Here's some of the lyrics:  

I'm not the kind of guy to let jealousy
Break me up inside
I've got no time for sympathy
That girl she's just a memory
Over which I'll glide

Some say that I shouldn't care

That I should celebrate now she's out of my hair
But Lord knows, the pride you hide
Hanging around the same old parts
And driving in the same old cars
With the same old friends
Those weekends I spent on my own
At first I found it hard alone
Now I'm on the mend
A voice tells me that I was such a fool
to throw away everything I had with you
but Lord knows, the pride you hide
When you're breaking up inside
Lord knows, the pride you hide

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At 8/4/12, 3:14 AM , Blogger Melly5 said...

what a pleasant surprise!!!! I seriously love the Megamix!! Yes post more...lots more pleaaase!! Duran Duran, Shakira, The Cure and Depeche Mode!! That was truly entertaining!! Now I'm gonna go back and finish the blog. I got a late start today. :p

At 8/4/12, 3:43 AM , Blogger Melly5 said...

okay I just checked out all your megamixes and have enjoyed them immensely!! My musically talented friend!! My favorite "Save Ferris"!! :D I loooooved it!!The Police,Roger Daltrey and Bret were fantastic!! :D


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