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Teen Suicide Hits Home: Judas Priest, Staind, Kix, Good Charlotte

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: Teen Suicide Hits Home: Judas Priest, Staind, Kix, Good Charlotte

Monday, August 20, 2012

Teen Suicide Hits Home: Judas Priest, Staind, Kix, Good Charlotte


I've recently heard of two local teenagers who chose to end their lives. Suicide is #3 on the cause of deaths for those 15 to 24 yrs old.  It's estimated that there are 25 failed attempts for every 1 death.  It's hard to even imagine how someone could be SO depressed to make this eternal decision. Even after their death, questions remain.  These are young people with years of life ahead, so much potential, amazing opportunities yet unknown to them!  Heavy Metal has often been slammed in the press for their lyrics.  Yet, Judas Priest's 80's metal anthem describes living life to the max, "you think I'll sit around and let life pass me by, you're thinking like a fool".   The energy and passion in Rob Halford's performance gets your heart beating fast, your fist pumping, and you're ready to take on the world!  Life takes turns we don't always see coming but things always eventually get better.  "Out there is a fortune waiting to be had, if you think I'll let you go, you're mad!  You've got another thing coming!"

Those who commit suicide have written in their final letters that they wanted to end all of the pain.   Yet, by making a selfish decision to end their precious life, this reeks havoc on all of those in your life who live on with the tragic memory of what you did.   One young man in Peoria, Illinois, hung himself and died while listening to a continous loop of another Staind song, "Outside".  For more on the story check on this link.  Aaron Lewis didn't hold back any punches or emotion when he wrote "Waste" as a sort of retaliation for that young man's decision.   

Christmas 2003, Good Charlotte was the flavor of the month pop punk band.  Capitalizing on their success, they reached out to help their fans and truly make a difference with the fifth single on the Young & Hopeless CD.  "Hold On" was written in response to letters from their fans who had contemplated suicide.   The song is great but the video with clips of parents, best friends, and brothers/sisters describing their experiences will wake up anyone with thoughts of death.  Good Charlotte has become a "whatever happened to" band.   Now, the twin brothers, Joel and Benji Madden, are probably most known for their dating exploits with Hillary Duff, Sophie Monk, Holly Madison, Paris Hilton, and one of them is now married to Nicole Richie. 

As the 80's glam metal era was ending, Kix was gaining their popularity.   "Cold Blood", "Blow My Fuse", and "Don't Close Your Eyes" were staples on MTV's Headbanger's Ball.   The power ballad I chose is an anti-suicide hard rock classic. Haters want to slam metal's lyrics, but you've got to love a  hook line that comforts:   "Don't close your eyes, don't sing your last lullaby, hold on, hold on tight, I'll make everything alright".   As I start another year teaching, I hope my students take advantage of their opportunities ahead, enjoy their youthful energy, and make the absolute most out of life.

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At 8/20/12, 12:34 AM , Blogger Melly5 said...

A flood of memories came crashing through about Jeremy when I watched the first video along with your commentary. I dedicate today's blog to Jeremy, Robby, Nancy, Christopher and McKenzie. This is truly an inspirational blog. Thank you Mike.:)

At 8/20/12, 3:16 PM , Blogger Mike Pease said...

thanks so much, if my words help anyone in even the smallest way, that would be incredible.


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