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Jason Aldean Discography: Favorite Song On Each CD

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: Jason Aldean Discography: Favorite Song On Each CD

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jason Aldean Discography: Favorite Song On Each CD

DAILY MUSIC TRIVIA QUESTION:    What rock icon played guitar with Jason Aldean during his CMT "Artist Of the Year" performance of My Kinda Party?    Yesterday:  Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls, Paula Abdul was already on the show.

2005    "WHY"    from  JASON ALDEAN
After seven years of playing in the Nashville bars, trying to get a label to sign him, Jason Aldean released his self-titled debut CD.   Taken under their wing by Big & Rich, who co-wrote half of the songs on the album, the first single, "Hicktown", shot up the charts putting Jason on the map.  He won "Top New Male Vocalist" award at the AMA Awards.   My favorite track is "Why", written in part by John Rich.  There is a sweet guitar solo and that killer line, "why does it always have to come down to you leaving before I say 'I Love You'... " 

Billboard Magazine described the songs on his 2nd CD, "every cut features full guitar driven production".   Jason's ability to add rock and roll energy to his country fans was adding to his fan base.   The big hits were "Johnny Cash" and "Laugh Until We Cried".  My favorite track is the Lee Brice penned "Not Every Man Lives", turning a line from Mel Gibson's Braveheart, "Every man dies but not every man lives" into an inspirational country song!

The CD that shot Jason in the stratosphere.   "Wide Open" went platinum and he was finally headlining the tours.  You couldn't listen to country radio and not hear "She's Country" or "Big Green Tractor", two of the three #1 singles on the CD.   Taking a page from Bob Seger's "Turn The Page", Jason wrote about those forks in the road, those life decisions that change our future in the song "On My Highway".    You can't live life with regrets, LIVING means taking chances, sometimes you mess up but you learn and move on.   "Oh what a feeling racin' the wind, dyin' to know what's around the bend". 

What an incredible career progression for Jason, each new release adds a new layer of respect and he's not afraid to take risks.   The lead single, "My Kinda Party" on a previous blog  My Kinda Party  rocks as hard as any country song to ever hit CMT.   He follows it up with the hip hop flavored, complete with rap, "Dirt Road Anthem".  Here's my blog link: DIRT ROAD ANTHEM  He even added a remix with Ludacris!   This bold move just shows Jason's creativity and sets him apart from his country music peers.  There was the #1 duet with Kelly Clarkson, "Don't You Want To Stay" and my favorite, "Tattoos On This Town".  The song and its touching video rings true to Jason's life growing up in Macon, GA, married to his childhood sweetheart, and his desire to leave a lasting memory (tattoo) that he made a difference.


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At 7/17/12, 2:45 AM , Blogger Melly5 said...

I've heard of him but never really paid attention to his music until now. All of the songs were great and my favorite was "Why".

At 8/15/12, 9:03 AM , Anonymous Jason Aldean said...

What an incredible career progression for Jason.All of the songs were great.


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