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Taylor Swift On Letterman: Special Request Day: The The, Taylor Swift, La Dispute

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: Taylor Swift On Letterman: Special Request Day: The The, Taylor Swift, La Dispute

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Taylor Swift On Letterman: Special Request Day: The The, Taylor Swift, La Dispute

Today's Blog is all special request songs.   If you'd like a day, please send me a comment!!

Taylor Swift is such a great role model.   Not only because of her sweet, wholesome personality but she has written or co-written EVERY song she's released.  Personal heartfelt stories about her life and Taylor tries to inspire others to reach for their dreams like she has achieved.   Writing so many songs about ex-boyfriends, a guy's got to be brave to date Taylor since you'll likely be the theme of a future song :)   I chose this live version of "You Belong To Me", even though the official video is adorable, because I'm so impressed with Taylor's stage presence here, she confidently grabs the mic stand, walks through the audience not missing a beat.  Check her out at the 3:00 mark when she takes the pace down.   She looks great in the red dress and it's funny watching everyone recording her on their cell phones.   They do realize this is going to be on TV that night, right?    


*By special request from Mel :  From their fourth album "Mind Bomb", The The added Johnny Marr from The Smiths to play guitar and Sinead O'Connor to the mix.  Unlike some of their poppy New Wave songs, this CD was a maturation, deeper political lyrics, and multi-layered tracks.   Sinead's voice meshes perfectly with Matt Johnson here.   Love the way Sinead whispers then rips into the chorus, then Matt repeats the style, great interchange between the two!!  The song reminds me of The Jesus & Mary Chain's sexy hit, "April Skies".                         

**BY SPECIAL REQUEST from Kailey!  
I've never heard of La Dispute but I was guessing they'd be a post-hardcore band.   So I scoured YouTube to discover some of their songs.   "You and I in Unison" - great mix, spoken word, punk guitar riffs, a little scream-o, good song!   "Andria" - a little slow, very intense though, intrigued.... "How I Feel"... hmmm, after just adding Ally's Taylor Swift, this one was a little too much, but then I came across "The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit".    Deep lyrics about sexual insecurities, questioning his motives, the battle of trying to fit in, intense song.  The build up of the song until the powerful conclusion of self-discovery not only in the lyrics but the music is incredible.   Thanks for recommending the band!

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At 6/14/12, 10:50 AM , Blogger John said...

This is a very beautiful and interesting picture, i enjoyed your article it has great detail in it, thanks for sharing the artistic work, i appreciate your work!

GED Online

At 6/14/12, 2:15 PM , Blogger Mike Pease said...

Thanks John! If you ever have any songs you want posted, let me know!

At 6/15/12, 12:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike you a truly such an incredibly wonderful friend. Thank you so very much for posting our request! I enjoyed all of it immensely. I was feeling so bummed out, this really picked up my spirits. I'm in Key West and haven't been able to get a hold of Kailey and Ally but they will be tickled pink when they see this! Thanks again sweets!!! :))))))

Mel :D


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