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Key West Road Trip Soundtrack: Simple Plan, Andrew W.K., Nickelback, Dick Dale

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: Key West Road Trip Soundtrack: Simple Plan, Andrew W.K., Nickelback, Dick Dale

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Key West Road Trip Soundtrack: Simple Plan, Andrew W.K., Nickelback, Dick Dale

Today's theme is Rockin' Party Tunes.  Here's a soundtrack for cruising down the coast, summertime is here!   Summer vacation starts Friday at 2PM!!

This video was first released in Australia and featured K'naan.   When it finally came to the U.S., we get a new version, a collaboration with reggae artist, Sean Paul.  Nothing but a beach party jam!  Their style here reminds you of Bruno Mars/Jason Mraz, laid-back Caribbean flow.  Released on their Get Your Heart On!  CD, the band went poppy and lost some hardcore fans, but you've got to love the beach vibe here.

Andrew W.K. is an enigma, mega-talented musician who can play multiple intruments, including an accomplished classical piano player, but Andrew chose to primarily record frat party anthems.  He's an ultra-intelligent motivational speaker but he's better known for his crazy antics on MTV.   "Party Hard" has been used for many internet clips and I can't hear it without thinking about hearing it over and over as the intro to the Madden 2003 video game.

Speaking of crazy parties, Nickelback's video for "This Afternoon" is epic.  To impress his boys, a nerdy guy kidnaps Nickelback to perform at their frat party.   The guys go "you got Nickelback??.... alright, fine they'll do".   Gotta love a band that can make fun of themselves.    Hot bodies, beer kegs, and rock n' roll, what's not to like?    This was the 8th single released on their "Dark Horse" CD, 8 singles on one CD??   Wow!

Dick Dale For President, a famous surfer T-shirt.   He's the King of Surf Guitar, legendary for his lightning quick strumming, Dick Dale  was a surfer who wanted to make his guitar sound like the waves he loved to ride.   He essentially invented garage surf rock.  "Miserlou" was used in Pulp Fiction, "Pipeline" was recorded with Stevie Ray Vaughn, I chose Nitro for the party video!    I also included a Ford commercial where a cop is seen chasing a vintage Mustang and then halfway, the cars slam to a stop.  A second cop gets out of the Mustang and they say, "ok, now it's your turn to chase me" and they switch cars :)

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At 6/7/12, 1:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lolololol I love these songs Mike!!! I will add them to my playlist for my road trip. Most awesome!!! The mustang commercial is hysterical!!! ^_^


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