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The Return Of Shirley Manson: Garbage, Joey Ramone With Joan Jett, Joshua Kadison,

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: The Return Of Shirley Manson: Garbage, Joey Ramone With Joan Jett, Joshua Kadison,

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Return Of Shirley Manson: Garbage, Joey Ramone With Joan Jett, Joshua Kadison,

It's been nine years since the last CD of new material from Shirley Manson and Garbage.   "Bleed Like Me" in 2003 wasn't as successful as their prior work, the band claimed to be "overwhelmed", and went on hiatus right after the CD dropped.   A renewed energy has been found and Garbage is back with a disc called "Not Your Kind Of People".  Like a brand new band, they're basically starting from scratch.  Frustrated by label politics, they chose to release the CD on their own label with little publicity.   A guest appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in mid-May introduced the lead single "Blood For Poppies" and a world tour just started this April.   My favorite new track is "I Hate Love", vintage Garbage with a techno meets James Bond beat. 

What a classic rock n' roll merging of two iconic voices!   Joey Ramone's estate just released on May 22nd, a collection of demos, B-sides, and lesser hits called "Ya Know?"  This may sound like a set of weak material found cleaning out the closet but a hidden gem is "Party Line" with Joan Jett backing Joey on the chorus.   Joey is the definitive voice of seminal punk rock and Joan is his female counterpart.    This song is a 3 minute treat of garage rock heaven.

"You're My Mona Lisa, you're my rainbow skies, my only prayer is that you realize you're beautiful in my eyes."   When I first heard this song, I couldn't remember which early Elton John album it was from?   The lyrics sounded like vintage Bernie Taupin and the piano sounded so familiar.   One of the most precious songs of the 90's was this powerhouse ballad by California's Joshua Kadison.   Known for his biggest hit, Jessie, on Painted Desert Serenade, Joshua created two love song masterpieces then disappeared like a mirage in the desert he described in his songs.

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At 6/1/12, 8:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great 3 songs of the day!!! I absolutely loved "I hate love", "Party line" and "beautiful in your eyes". Joey Ramones sound took me waaaay back to my punk rock days!! Loved it!!! Mike you are by far the jukebox daily king of all time. You complete my musical needs!!! I love ya dearly my friend!!


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