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Just A Kiss In Paris: Lady Antebellum, Nickelback, Bridget Kelly

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: Just A Kiss In Paris: Lady Antebellum, Nickelback, Bridget Kelly

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just A Kiss In Paris: Lady Antebellum, Nickelback, Bridget Kelly

"JUST A KISS"                  LADY ANTEBELLUM

Last Thanksgiving, I got to fulfill a lifelong dream to visit Paris.   It was an amazing adventure seeing the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, riding the Subway, and walking down the Champs Elysees after seeing the Arc de Triomphe.     This video captures a young couple falling in love on vacation in London and Paris.    It brings back so many great memories!   Thank you Barrie for such a great moment in my life.


A future #1 hit for Nickelback.    This is so radio-ready with a great chorus, "trying not to love you only went so far!".   People criticize Nickelback for being predictable, looking for hits over writing deep material.    While this criticism has merit, music should provide an escape and Nickelback has many songs that you can't help but sing along, smiling, and rocking out!


Originally written and performed by Sonyae Elise, winner of the reality TV Show, Platinum Hit.    Sonyae is an amazing writer and performer.   Bridget Kelly is probably best known for filling in for Alicia Keys on live performances with Jay-Z of Empire State Of Mind.    The lyrics on "Stranger To Love" are amazing, here's a sample:

Was suffocating, and then you gave me life
And now I crave for, for only you inside
Can't put my thumb on exactly how I feel
It's unfamiliar, but pleasantly surreal

Keep putting smiles on my face, I'm constantly amazed by what you do
And I can't keep up with my heart, It's beating me into someone brand new
I love how you just know how bad I need to take this slow
Like I'm a Stranger to Love

Pushed all my strength and managed to kiss me weak
You woke up the woman, and put the girl to sleep

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