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Controversy and Carrie Underwood, Danica Patrick joins Miranda Lambert, The Wallflowers, Smashing Pumpkins

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: Controversy and Carrie Underwood, Danica Patrick joins Miranda Lambert, The Wallflowers, Smashing Pumpkins

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Controversy and Carrie Underwood, Danica Patrick joins Miranda Lambert, The Wallflowers, Smashing Pumpkins

Who would have guessed that America's country music princess, Carrie Underwood, would be skirting controversy with her latest video.   On her new CD, she released "Two Black Limousines" that discussed two women dealing with a guy cheating on both of them.   Here on "Blown Away" she created a darker version of the Wizard Of Oz.   "There's not enough rain in Oklahoma to wash away the sins of that house".   Carrie said the acting in this video was so intense, she left with actual bruises after filming.
Back in December, I posted a lyric video of this song and called it my pick as the best song on Miranda's new CD.  Check out the lyrics at my prior post.  Here's the premiere of Mrs. Blake Shelton's new video!  I don't spoil the fun but you just know when Miranda and NASCAR's Danica Patrick stroll into the bar, trouble is brewing!  Listen for the lightning quick guitar solo at the end of the song.  The video reminds me of Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie in "Gone In 60 Seconds". 

I absolutely love everything about this video!   First, it's the return of Jakob Dylan and The Wallflowers.  Like his father, Jakob's voice is one of a kind.  They add in Mick Jones of The Clash to create a hybrid mix of music that sounds like Big Audio Dynamite with a little reggae vibe. To add to the retro 90's sound, the video features some of the best moonwalking, breakdancing, and popping and locking since Ice-T in "Breakin'".   

DAILY MUSIC TRIVIA:   The Smashing Pumpkins performed at what concert on an episode of The Simpsons?  Yesterday:  young Lindsay Lohan dressed up as garbage on Late Night With David Letterman
While we're bringing back classic 90's rock heroes like the Wallflowers, Billy Corgan and The Smashing Pumpkins are back with an impressive NEW CD called Oceania.   The nine minute title track is epic with swirling guitars, a beautiful atmosphere, and one of those songs destined to be a concert favorite.   "Violet Rays" rocks hard highlighted by new drummer, Mike Byrne, a perfect compliment to Billy's lyrics.   The new CD doesn't have that big radio ready single but taken as a 13 track compilation, it's one of the best new releases of 2012.

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At 8/9/12, 1:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very, very nice Mike! My favorite is "Violet Rays" however I really enjoyed Miranda Lambert. I loved the lyrics and the video. This kinda reminded me of when I was once was a mischievous young lady...long, long time ago. ;)"Blown away" took me back too but to a not so great time but I loved the song. Carrie Underwood simply looks gorgeous!!Thanks Mike!! ^_^

At 8/9/12, 1:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG almost forgot "Reboot the mission"!! That was so bad ass!!!! The song was freaking sweet and the break dancing was awesome!!:D :D :D

At 8/9/12, 1:49 AM , Blogger Mike Pease said...

Great comments! Yes, Reboot The Mission is such a great video and I'm a big fan of the Clash so that was cool they got Mick Jones on it. Miranda's video is so much fun, that's why I put it on the same day as Carrie's serious themed video. Tomorrow I have some surprise awesome songs

At 8/9/12, 2:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear them!! :D :D

At 8/23/12, 8:45 AM , Anonymous Carrie Underwood said...

I absolutely love everything about those video!

At 8/23/12, 2:49 PM , Blogger Mike Pease said...

One of Carrie's best videos for sure!


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