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Sade Gets A Metal Remake: Tantric, Deftones, and Stereoside

MIKE'S DAILY JUKEBOX: Sade Gets A Metal Remake: Tantric, Deftones, and Stereoside

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sade Gets A Metal Remake: Tantric, Deftones, and Stereoside

Based out of Ocala, FL, Stereoside is one of my favorite bands that haven't hit it big yet.   "On Our Way" is the greatest Kid Rock song that he's never sung.   "Walk Back To You" is a rocking power ballad that  should have been released and hit #1.   "Crazy and Paranoid" has a memorable dirty Slash-like guitar riff and must be played at high volume.    Ben Foster's lead vocals remind me a little of David Coverdale at moments here.   Looking forward to hearing more from this band on their next CD or catching them live if they come to the Tampa area.

Tantric was a offshoot of Days Of The New when everyone but the lead singer created Tantric.  During the mid-2000's they were on the rise.  "Astounded", "Mourning" and this song were tearing up rock radio.   Future CD's just maintain their momentum.   "Breakdown" is their crowning moment.   Lyrics about "checking yourself before you check out" and the theme of self-analysis dominate this post-grunge anthem.

Sade's sensual, sexual, slow groove hit from the mid 90's is one of the least likely songs to get a metal cover but the Deftones take on the challenge.  Lead singer, Chino Moreno, mesmerizes with his intense vocals that take you to the edge.   Sexual in a different style, enticing and dangerous.   This is from an EP of covers including "Drive" by the Cars, very creative choices!

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At 3/20/12, 1:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely love all of these songs!! My favorite is Breakdown...awesome!!
Thanks Mike!! ^_^


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